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Default Re: My Name is Earl quotes

Randy: This show is called CSI Miami. That means Crime Stuff In Miami.

Earl: A good farmer always finds something to plow.

Randy: It says we need a password. I'm going to try "carrot."
Earl: Why?
Randy: Who would think of carrot?
Earl: You did.
Randy: You're right. I'll try "carrot88." Man, I can only think of things I can think of!

Earl: He was annoying, wasn't he Randy? I mean, he was like when you chew on the inside of your cheek, and it swells up, and you just keep biting it and biting it?
Randy: Your cheek's still hurting, Earl?
Earl: Yeah. Thanks for asking.

Joy: We got to retrace our that time you rewound that videotape to see if Sharon Stone really flashed her undersmile.

Randy: Why would Earl try to kill me? I'm Randy! That's like peanut butter trying to kill jelly. Peanut butter can't kill jelly--they're in the same sandwich!

Catalina: What do you think the odds are he just got better and walked home?
Joy: About the same as if he spontaneously combusted.
Darnell: Not true. The government doesn't want you to know, but people spontaneously combust all the time. That's why you see so many sneakers hanging from power lines.

Joy: Holy crap! You need to do some grooming. It looks like a thimble wearing a clown wig down there.

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