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Default Re: JR Smith - starting sg

If Prigioni starts at sg, we might as well fast forward to the next offseason. I dont care about the little 18 game sample set when we were winning. I love how people like to convenient ignore the fact that he was replacing Jason Kidd...who might have been the worst starter in the NBA last season. They also like to conveniently omit the fact that JR was going absolutely apeshit. They also act like Melo didn't completely take the league by storm in the month of April.

But once again, like I said, the so called "thugs" of the team csan do no right and the "good ole boys" who "do all the little things" get all the credit. Then, come summertime, they get a bunch of money they don't deserve.

Bottom line is, if we re-signed JR and drafted Tim Hardaway Jr, only to start Pablo Shitioni, Grunwald AND Woody need to go.

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