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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Anyone see that Tenn-UVA score?

46-38 loss... following their 37-36 game with G'Town.

College basketball needs to change. It's my favorite time of the year but I can't stand it anymore.

It needs to adopt some of the NBA rules. Lower the shot clock to 24, allow 8 seconds to get across the time line, and for the integrity of the sport, get rid of the one and done rule.

Go back to what it once was where you can go straight to the NBA. Change to the baseball rules where it's out of high school or 3 years. Change it to the NFL and add an extra year to make it 2 and done. Some type of adaption... Anything is better than the one and done rule. It's becoming the nail in the coffin for the sport.

I realize they won't change the draft rules because it's only there for the NBA and it's working for them (weeding out the overrated), but how about picking up the pace a bit?

Also that charge circle is embarrassing. Why add it if it's like 5 inches wide?
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