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Default HGH for injuries?

I have been researching it quite a bit lately and based on what I have read, HGH is widely used for healing injuries and in particular, tendon injures. What it does, is increase Collagen (what Tendons are made out of) synthesis by almost 300%. I have had tendon problems in multiple different places (most notably and annoyingly my knee... but chest, shoulder, biceps, and triceps). At this point I have changed my workouts to eccentric workouts which are supposed help regenerate tendons... but they don't feel like enough. Basically, I am thinking about taking HGH to try and heal my problems. I have no use or desire for any other effects it has other than that.

So, my question is, does anybody have experience with HGH? I've done a lot of research and browsed forums and such but haven't talked to anyone with first hand experience... so if anybody knows anything, please fill me in.
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