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Default Re: New details on Greg Hardy domestic abuse

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
ray rice punched his wife

greg hardy made his girl fear for her life

This is not about what's right or fair. Personally I could believe Rice to be a good guy that did something wrong and feels genuine remorse whereas Hardy just seems like he's a completely uncontrolled bully. But that's just my opinion, maybe yours as well, maybe a lot of people feel that way...and it doesn't matter. Only one vote is being counted, that of Jerry Jones. The NFL as a league did all that it could. They can't punish him again for a violation that the court system already threw out. Next time Hardy crosses the line Goodell may do all he can to throw him out of the league but as of right now there's nothing anyone can do. People that are upset about this should focus their anger on the arbitrator that originally reduced his suspension. But even then, so long as there was an owner like Jerry Jones out there Hardy was going to come back eventually. Even with what he did, Hardy isn't a murderer, he was going to get to work again eventually.
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