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Post Re: If you were the GM, What would you do?

The problem with trying to trade for a superstar now is that every players' value is at an all-time low. I had no problem last summer trading for KG or Kobe, because they are top 5 in the league, but nobody available this summer is a top 5 player. To get Brand or JO, we would need to give up about the same asking price as it was for KG last year. If Paxson wouldn't pull the trigger for him, there is no way he will trade for either of these two.

I think he will have to hang on to everybody for another year or two, try to dump salaries, and get enough cap space to lure a top 5 player as a FA in a couple years. Kobe, Lebron, or Wade would do. We need at least one guy, preferably two, that can take over a game. Right now, nobody on the Bulls fits that bill. Look at Boston, LA, Detroit, and San Antonio, just to name a few. They have two or three legitimate superstars that can take over games, and they are the favorites to win it all. The Bulls need to find a way to get some guys like that on their team. It doesn't matter if you sacrifice some talent now for a guy in the latter stages of his prime that can still give you 3-5 great years. You need someone you can build around.
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