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Default Re: Wiggins to Class of 2013

I'm calling it now: Wiggins will end up at FSU.

UNC will probably have a crowded team at his position and I just don't think he's that interested in the school. Wake me up if he ever sets an official visit. No, wake me up if he goes on his visit. Setting it up isn't enough.

Feel the same about Kansas.

So that leaves the top two that's always been there: FSU and UK.

Kentucky is a crowded team and I swear he doesn't want to play with the Harrison twins. Wiggins' AAU team was in Kentucky the other day and Cal didn't even care to show up. He either knows Wiggins is his, is extraordinarily arrogant, or knows his chances have faded. I'm betting on the latter right now.

That leaves FSU. Family went there and his closeness with the coaching staff... Really, though, they're the only school left (of the two who actually had a chance).
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