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Default Rate my MLB 2007 team

I've got the hang of this game now. Still, it's nowhere near perfect, but I have alot higher opinion of it now. I have two franchises. The Phillies and the Yanks. I've traded everybody from the Yanks lineup other than Arod, Jeter, and Bobby Abreu and Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano:

I got

DH:Miguel Cabrera
RF:Bobby Abreu
LF:Nick Markakis
2B:Robinson Cano
1Boug Mientkiewicz
C:Carlos Ruiz


Carlos Zambrono
Chien-Ming Wang
Matt Cain
Carl Pavano
Peter Hansen??


Kei Igawa
Luis Vizcaino
Neal Cotts
Chris Britton
Kyle Farnsworth
Scot Proctor
CL:Huston Street

Now I have ALOT of cap space. I also signed Bernie Williams and Jeremy Burnitz for the bench. I wanted to add youth to the lineup and the starting rotation.
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