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Default Re: NFL fines 12 more players in crackdown

Originally Posted by bladefd
This is insane. NFL just going all-out on the fines this month. Most of them are fines for too much roughness. I am starting to become annoyed now as to how far they are going to protect the players (and let me say - they are trying hard to protect mostly the players on the offensive side of the field). Terrible guys up at the NFL administration..

Then they want to extend the season 2 more games; I remember once somebody asked Roger Goodell that won't the 2-game extension create more injuries? Roger Goodell responded with something like "It is already a violent game as it is, 2 games will not change that or make it worse than it is. We want better product for the fans." They argue that the game is already violent so a 2 game extension won't make it worse. Now they are essentially saying that this game is TOO violent. I love the hypocrisy in all this... I seriously hope there is a lockout.

BTW - Let me say this. I posted this thread here because nobody reads the NFL forums. Nobody. I would rather post it in these OTC forums than the football forums.

You sure about that?
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