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Originally Posted by johnnysnowshoe21
ok now way you uconn fans think your all the s&@# forget you guys i have season tickets to the cuse as soon as all your little scared freshman walk into 30,000 people screaming at them they will crumble look at this starting lineup

PG Josh Wright
SG Eric Dev
SF Nichols
PF Roberts
C Watkins

6th man Paul Harris 1-3

are you kidding me ? you guys think adrien is good the kid is 6-6 let him try to body up roberts and we will see the ball in the stands i got 3 words for you guys


Lol, I like thy spirit and confidence.

Let us wait, it will surely be a great game to await.

What I can say is that normally young Uconn teams are underrated whereas oldern ones are overrated.

Want to make an avatar bet? Uconn by 4.

Austrie WILL neutralize DevenDORK.
Adrien will make Roberts look like a pus.
Thabeet will dunk over Watkins.
AJ Price will just drop 30 over the piss poor backcourt defense.

Paul Harris is an overrated J.O.K.E.

*PS this is slight exaggeration, but is good to add to the hype n rivalry of the game. I do respect the 'Cuse, but prepare to lose.*
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