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Default a BIG draft

Even though it looks sure that the #1 pick will be a pg this draft has a lot of badly needed BIGS coming into the nba- mostly pf's, another weak group of c's

1- motiejunas 7-0 pf- won't come in and dominate, but I think has an unbelievably high ceiling- I think this guy becomes the new prototype pf

2-monroe 6-10? Pf- may want to be a c, but is an nba pf- love his handling and passing skills for his size and wants to bang- I don't understand the want by so many to call him late lottery when he seems clearly one of the safest bets in the draft

3-cousins 6-10 c/pf- 2 inches taller and he's a top 2 pick- his athletic ability and production impresses me- may in ways be still raw, but he has hands, strength, and mobility to go w great size- he's ready to be productive day 1 and to me has to be a top 10 pick, maybe top 5

4-favors 6-9- everybody has known that he was an nba body and athlete for a while- does that mean he will still go top 3 like we've been told? No but he's still a top 10 pick

5-sacre 7-0 c- this guy is still under the radar, but is as good of an athlete as you can ask for from a real 7 footer- the guy puts in effort as a defender rebounder and would make a great pick for anybody in the teens

6- aldrich 6-10? C/pf- I like this guy a lot just don't like the fools that have called him a top 5 pick so long that he will become harder to place in the draft- he can't shoot free throws and is undrsized at the 5 and under athletic at the 4- I think he has worked hard and deserves drafted late teens/early 20's

Th guys I really don't know how to place are vesely who sounds like he might be a lottery worthy type but I have no clue and r sidney who doesn't just have first rd talent he has top 5 talent and a long list of questions that make him a huge risk

Ed davis- a man among boys but not a top 5 type guy- think a lot more along the lines of brandon wright than bosh- I don't think you take him in the lottery but would be a nice later pick

And then the guy some think of as a sf is fariq aminu- he may be a combo f but I think he's more of a pf and fits in above favors to me- aminu should go 5-10

And at sf even the class is BIG, singler and robinson at 6-9 and bjelica at 6-10

Rate the bigs, how you see them fitting in the draft? Where does the fsu guy fit in? Where do you see patterson drafted
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