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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Don't the Wolves already have like 12 pg's on their roster? I doubt they move Beas for Felton, Afflalo maybe. Ridnour played great, they still got Flynn, they are holding out hope for Rubio. I can't remember the rest

The Wolves draft Williams and play him, Love and Beas as the platoon at the 3/4 spot. Drafting Williams makes Tolliver expendable (he's a FA).

Minny, please don't mess this up. They got good young talent, watch out for Wesley Johnson if they move him to the 3, a la Kevin Durant after PJ Carlisemo got canned for Scotty Brooks. Do not trade any young pieces!!

Im so afraid a borderline contender is gonna come in and rope Minny. Like San Antonio or the Lakers come in and snatch Johnson for a pg or some kind of heist.
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