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Default Re: Will Mass Effect 3 be the greatest game of this generation?

Originally Posted by crosso√er
Uncharted 2 scored a higher average (among all critics, from all game sites) then Mass Effect 2 did.

Uncharted 2: 96.41%
Mass Effect 2: 95.66%

All-Time rank:

Uncharted 2: 6th
Mass Effect 2: 14th

Titles like game of the decade are so subjective. Your percentages prove these games are both elite and on the same tier. I personally don't get much enjoyment out of a linear Tomb Raider style adventure. I'm an RPG and Sci Fi guy all the way. Besides the debate here at first was comparing the finale of both. Mass Effect 3 should come out victorious. Mass Effect 2 was purely a set up for part 3. In epic trilogy stories part 2 is a bridge. Mass Effect 1 owned Uncharted 1.
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