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Default Re: Will Mass Effect 3 be the greatest game of this generation?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Lol. Even Sony fans in an IGN review admitted Mass Effect 2 was better than Uncharted 2. I suppose if you prefer a pointless adventure game over an epic RPG. I suppose best is subjective. I'm willing to bet anyone Mass Effect takes Game Of The Year and scores a 9.8 or higher.

What are you talking?
They've rated U2 the #1 game on PS3 last August.


Uncharted 2: 9.5 (Reader's: 9.3)
Mass Effect 2: 9.5 (Reader's 9.0)


Uncharted 2: 9.5 (Reader's 9.5)
Mass Effect 2: 9.0 (Reader's 9.4) --> (on PS3, MS2 received 8.5 score)

The two biggest game sites both had U2 over MS2; not to mention 13,000+ fans voted and U2 had a higher score both times. Gameranking takes all the critic scores and combines them; U2 is 6th All-Time, Mass Effect is 14th All-Time.

Maybe you should learn to respect others opinion; if you believe that all Uncharted 2i was is a "pointless" adventure game, then you either haven't given it a try yet or don't have a clue what you're talking about.

I already wrote a review about why I consider it the best game of All-Time; read up on it, maybe it'll enlighten you a little. It's more then just a pointless game bro, it's an epic achievement with an almost perfect score.
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