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Default Re: Will Mass Effect 3 be the greatest game of this generation?

Originally Posted by Heavincent
Who cares? I don't give a shit what the critics think. I like Mass Effect 2 better.

Uncharted isn't even Naughty Dog's best franchise IMO.

That's fine, I am trying to put things in perspective. It's a subjective matter and you or Clipperfan liking ME2 more is fine by me. Both are held in high regard in their own right.

Critics aren't the only ones who've rated Uncharted 2 the better game; gamers did so as well as the game received higher scores from the people who've actually played both games; as I've stated in my previous post.

The guy was acting like ME2 was on some other planet just because Uncharted isn't his cup of tea; if anything, it's the other way around. If you're going to compare games (or movies/music) and act like your own personal preference should be held in higher regard, then be prepared to receive backlash from people who disagree. Don't get offended, if you make personal statements on a forum; people will respond.

Key is to have a civil discussion and respect other poster's opinion. I have done so by highlighting how Uncharted 2 is held at a slightly higher regard from people who have played it.

Regarding IGN, perhaps certain critics have stated that ME2 is the better game but that certainly isn't the consensus on that site. They love U2 on there; they've rated it higher then GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Guns of Patriots, Mass Effect 2; despite those games actually receiving a higher score from their critics. The gamers rate U2 the best PS3 game as well; and those scores they give are preliminary scores. GTA, RDR, MGS and couple other games received (originally) a higher score then U2; yet none of those games were higher on the list (in their article of top 25 PS3 games); so they've clearly changed their opinion after subsequent experience with the game.

I personally value player reviews more then critic scores; because there's at least 10,000+ reviews posted about each game from gamers rather then just a dozen or so critics from a web-site.

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