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Default Re: Will there be a Kansas City rant this year?

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
I meant the entire AFC.

I'm not saying the Chiefs are better than the Patriots, Texans, Bengals, but I can argue their on par with those teams. The Patriots offensive playmakers are currently out, Bengals lost to the Bears, Texans had to play catchup to a pretty bad Chargers team. All of these teams have their flaws. Other than the Broncos there isn't a clear cut dominant team in the conference.

I'd certainly take the Chiefs over the Ravens however. And unfortunately your right about their ceiling being a wildcard spot, but thats more so because the Broncos are in their division and they have zero chance at winning it.

Considering the Texans, Bengals, Ravens, and Patriots, how do you compare your predictions at the end of the season?

I say Pats win AFC East - 11 wins
Bengals win AFC North - 11 wins
Texans win AFC South - 12 wins
Broncos win AFC West - 13 wins

OK, so that leaves the Ravens and Chiefs both outside looking for a wild-card. which I believe both will get.

IMO Steelers are already done. I see them winning 7 games at best. Dolphins had some hype, but I don't see them doing much either. Bills, meh. Nothing there. AFC East and AFC South IMO are just too weak to allow a wild-card team to enter (you could argue the Colts, but last year has fluke written all over it).

Ravens are my first choice for a wild-card. Chiefs are naturally the second, since there's no standout second.

I don't see Kansas City winning more than 10 games. I can see a shitload of pro bowlers again coming from the KC camp, but over all record wise (which is what really matters) they're use all the teams listed above.

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