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Default Re: What are you reading?

The night before the blizzard I took my mother to Barne's and Noble to take a course on her Nook.

She's not technilogically retarded like most women approaching 60, so why she wanted to take this course, I really don't know, but she did. She was afraid there were things she could be doing with it that she wasn't. For example, you can apparently use it to surf internet on your tv. It has a cord, I told her to "just plug the thing in and see what happens", but I'm no expert who teaches a class, she needed that guy to tell her to "plug it in and it'll prompt you what to do".

Anyway I wondered around the store while her class was happening, which they do weekly and no one shows up, and she was the only one there that night, and stumbled onto a bunch of stuff I wanted to buy. But I have a nook that's a few years old that I never use, so I figured I'd give it a try instead. So when I got home I picked up this.

So far it's pretty good. It's only about 200 pages, and I'm about 50 in. It's about a team that gets sent into the furthest point in space mankind has ever been. It's from the POV of a journalist who was put on the team to report home. But as the ship heads out, people start dieing from one accident or another, and he's left alone on the ship, which then fails to turn around. I thought it would be more about everyone dieing, but I'm only a quarter in and everyone is already dead.
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