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Yes, he should be in the hall.

People hate on Webber for being a choker, loser, etc. but the man has flat out made teams better his entire career. Golden State has barely sniffed the playoffs since he left. It took Washington 7 years to get out of the lottery post Webber. If Bibby were so great he wouldn't have let the Kings have a worse record than Portland last year before Artest came on board. Webber has taken 3 perennial losers and brought them to the playoffs. Each team has been worse off after he left. That accounts for something.

Webber's reputation for choking when it counts is also largely undeserved. He rarely gets credit for playing well in the playoffs and almost always gets bashed when he doesn't. Nobody talks about him dropping a triple double on Dirk in the playoffs of 04 while on one leg. Or him battling MVP KG to 7 games that same year (a series in which he was the only King to bring it every game). Bibby has yet to have a good series without Webber. The Kings had quite a few chokers on that 2002 team - Peja, Christie, Hedo. Webber was not one of them. He has hit numerous game winning shots for the Kings. Just off the top of my head I remember multiple winners against Utah and a 3 pointer against Boston.

No matter how you cut it, Webber is a winner and is HOF worthy.
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