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Default Tubby Smith Fired

Minnesota fired Tubby Smith today after a round of 32 loss.

Am I missing something here? I always wondered what the deal with Tubby Smith is. Kentucky I can sort of understand. They are used to big name stars coming to their school and stuff, Tubby recruits his kind of guys. But by all means he turned Minnesota around. It always seems like wherever he goes people don't want him even though their teams are winning.

I understand if you are a top level program looking to sign the big names and win championship after championship. Smith's tenure at Kentucky could be considered a failure. But if I were an AD at a mid level program like Minnesota bball Tubby Smith is exactly the type of coach I'd want, especially if the program has recently suffered from any type of dirt.

Now there is a rumor that they are going to pursue Shaka Smart. If that's the case cool. But I wouldn't doubt if Smith lands somewhere else and wins and Minnesota slips a bit.

What's the deal with Tubby Smith? Would you want him as a coach for your program?
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