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Default Re: The Lakers Achilles heel...........

Originally Posted by SoCalMike
I agree with this assessment. The Lakers are "green" overall, and it takes a special kind of mentality to survive the playoffs on route to the nba title. That mentality comes with experience most of the time. I think the Lakers can work past that. This is what I think PJax prepares his team for all season. The mental aspects of the game.

Kobe and D Fish have plenty of experience getting to the dance, so lets hope that they can bring the rest of the team with them. While Pau has some playoff experience, he really has never won in a playoff series, so I consider him a "rookie" in that area.

like it was mentioned above gasol is considered the best pf in the world.. obviously he is no tim duncan. But i am speaking in terms of international play, he was the guy that brought his spain team to the gold and recieved mvp honors, he willed his team to the wins this may be a new and different challenge but he still know what it is like to win

and lamar got into the 2nd round in his last yr in miami as the semi-first option...

luke has been to the finals and has that amazing game 2 burst

farmar and sasha yes unexpereinced as a whole, however they played majore minute vs the suns the past season and you can see the confidence in sasha

kobe and fish..........

really the only player you can talk about is bynum [ariza, vlad]

he is very young barely played till this season and has to come back to form, hopefuly the team helps carry him.. and we will be all right

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