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Default If Michael Jordan played for the Nuggets or Hornets he'd have no titles... then what?

Championship teams are always far more about the team than any one player. Look at the Bulls records during Jordan's retirement. Still a very good team. And if it had been Pippen who retired for two years, they would almost assuredly have not won a title during those years as was the case when Jordan was out.

A couple years ago I remember the Lakers started the season without Pau Gasol and were like 15-2, and then had a mid-season stretch without Kobe and went somethin like 5-1 but won the title. Every championship team is LOADED. Ok? Period.

So tell me, if Jordan had been drafted to a crap franchise who never surrounded him with talent, then what? Say he doesnt win titles. Is he suddenly not in the conversation with Magic and Bird and Kareem and Shaq etc.? Even if he possessed all the same skills, same work ethic, same stats, same intensity etc. but never reached the summit because there were always better TEAMS in the way of his TEAM?

It is an indisputable fact that TEAMS win championships, yet practically every
brainless fool on this site applies the "Tony Korheiser Method of Anti-Analysis" and just bleet the word "rings" any time someone asks them to make a comparison. Kornheiser doesnt even watch sports any more, so he has no arguments to make. He has absolutely nothing to contribute to a discussion. So every single argument just comes down to "rings" because thats something you can just quickly quantify and if someone disputes it just say "you play to win the game" and basically make a stubborn ass of yourself while sticking to your guns.

That seems to be what people here do. I rarely see comparisons of players in terms of their games and skills and whatnot, but rather just a listing of what their teams did or didnt do?

Yeah, guess what? This is another thread where I'm calling 99% of you retarded. Enjoy.
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