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Default Re: I Hate Govt Workers...

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Lazy/stupid people need jobs too, so they work in government. Bogus holidays, 30 sick days a year, a union that makes sure they get scheduled raises/promotions without merit, and so on. These people wouldn't last long in the private sector.
The person told me "i don't want to be rude but you already scheduled it, you should have waited". I told her you might want to ask exactly what is wrong before you make that comment. I then proceded to explain to her in detail what was wrong, she kept saying "no no you don't have to". Yes, i do. You basically implied i am scamming this somehow.

If i have to fly back to register my daughter i will, but i guarantee i will get this person back somehow. I will get my cop friends to find out who she is and put a watch sign on her plate and car model. I will do something. Do not piss me off, If you cannot help me fine. But to basically shoo me away to avoid work where it is going to cost me $4k? Are you kidding?
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