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Default Re: What if we had waited for the offseason(Melo)?

Originally Posted by Clutch
Not necessarily.
Just because Prokhorov had called Utah and asked about Deron it doesn't mean that Walsh/Dolan/Isiah would have done that.

Deron trade was a surprise,not many people expected him being traded last season.So there's a big possibility that we wouldn't have even made the call.
Also we would have lost pretty much all the pieces because the Jazz wouldn't let Deron come here for nothing. It's arguable that Nets gave for Deron even more than we did for Melo.

If we had waited for the summer only superstar we would have now is Amare.

it wasn't a surprise to the Jazz, they were waiting to see who would be the loser of the Melo sweepstakes and get their package for Deron.

here is the link and the article......

here is a snippet.....

"Carmelo Anthony joined Amar’e Stoudemire in New York, of course, with eight months of maneuverings mercifully ending with the nine-player trade with Denver that made Madison Square Garden his new home on Feb. 22. But a Monday visit from Utah brought with it a retroactive hypothetical, as Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor made Knicks president Donnie Walsh aware for the first time that it could have been Deron Wiliams wearing the Knicks jersey and not Anthony if those days and dealings had gone differently.

As O’Connor told Walsh approximately an hour before the game and would later repeat in an interview with NBA Confidential, he targeted the Nets’ and Knicks’ assets and decided to play the waiting game. Somebody would lose in the Anthony sweepstakes, and that team would immediately hear from O’Connor to discuss a marvelous Plan B.

New Jersey played that role in the end, jumping at the chance to give the Jazz the same package they’d presented to the Nuggets in order to land Williams after Anthony went to New York and signed a three-year, $65 million extension.
O’Connor said other teams had inquired about the All-Star point guard in the days leading up to the deal, but not the Knicks or the Nets. New Jersey general manager Billy King said the possibility was first raised after Anthony was traded."
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