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Default Re: Colin Powell calls out GOP leaders for tolerating racism in the party.

"Why is it that when a black man says something about racism people have to slide something slick like this in.

Black people are more tolerant of other races than you give us credit for"

No we aren't.

if black people had the power white people do they would probably be just as bad of as we have been historically.

people are scum and the people in power screw over the people who don't have it.

I have a friend who's brother robs Mexicans because he assumes they can't call the police.

I came up amongst five percenters and people who remember life in 1938 south Carolina and Georgia.

I've seen more black racism in my day than white. We just choose to see it differently......possibly because some is justified.

but we arent the most accepting people. I know for fact plenty of people in my family would rather have a dead son than a gay one.

if you left it to us to decide I bet more social issues would go Republican than would happen if only whites could vote.

awful lot of blacks are pretty much rednecks who only vote Democrat because Republicans seem more open in their contempt of us and people like Dick Cheney feel like Darth vader.

we see in Republicans the kind of white people that you know go home and tell ****** jokes partly because now and then they won't even wait to get home.

But we aren't much better. Just have less power.
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