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Default Re: Chalmers starting?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
If you cringe at the thought of Mario Chalmers playing 30 minutes in a Game 7 against the Boston Celtics, then you probably donít like whatís happening right now with the Miami Heat. Because heís the guy. Heís the point guard now, and most likely until the final game is played this season. If the Heatís going to win a title in 2011 itíll be mostly Chalmers manning the position that many consider immensely crucial, and many have pointed to as the reason the Heat canít win it all this year. In two and a half seasons, watching Chalmers has frequently felt like watching Wile E. Coyote. Same mistakes. Doesnít seem to get it. Probably wonít ever get it. Miami Herald

Spoelstra will tell you Chalmers has the smarts to do those things. Itís just that his confidence and his competitiveness occasionally take over his mind. ďHe is coachable, but he is stubborn,Ē Spoesltra said. ďAnd a lot of times competitive and stubborn go hand and hand. ďBut I can be stubborn as well. He knows that in order to take the next step as a player, and also to gain the trust of his head coach, he does need to come across more than halfway and really start to do the things that I ask and intellectualize why.Ē Miami Herald

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