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Talking Say What?

Lets get things straight...

Nate Robinson took down JR Smith, never screw around with a 5foot 8 dude who has played football before.

Mardy Collins did a messed up foul. VERY messed up. And if Isiah really did order that, thats just plain dirty. But remember everbody, its New York. I'm surprised JR Smith was able to leave MSG without getting shot by fans who supported Collins.

Carmelo is a fault for being a presence in the fight. If Lebron or Wade, fellow draft classmates, were in that situation, they'd back off and wouldn't do anything physical. Its just not sportman like. Sure Mardy gave a hard foul, but that was during the game and it could of been resolved. Melo gave the punch DURING the FIGHT. that ***** ass ***** wanted some action from the get go, he wanted a fight and to get owned in MSG/national television.

And last but not least..

Goldnugg21 got a hard-on from Carmelo's *****ness.

Jeffries - 5 game suspension
Collins - 5-10 game suspension
JR Smith - 20 game suspension
Nate Robinson - 20-25 game suspesion
Carmelo Anthony - his NBA Career

End of Discussion.
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