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Originally Posted by Stumbleweed
C'mon man, did you not just read what he said? There were guys getting ready to come in when Isiah thought it was a good idea to make a point. After the Knicks coming back from 10+ down and winning in Denver last time, can you blame George for being a bit nevous? He was going to replace them in the last two minutes, but there were no stops to allow the subs to come in. Should he have called a timeout to spare ****ing Isiah's ego?

Please, stop being such a homer. Your team sucks, they need to stop constantly getting blown out -- they acted like babies after the game, and your coach is dirty as hell. Two blowouts in a row, Isiah has sent Collins onto the court for a hard foul. Suspend that ******* -- there's no place for that in the NBA (at least in classy organizations that haven't been complete failures in recent memory).

At least the Nuggets didn't start pointing fingers after the game. They acted stupid, and they realized it -- they're just waiting for the suspensions instead of *****ing and moaning about Karl's sportsmanship (when that clearly isn't the real problem). Isiah and the Knicks need to man the **** up.
Curry and Marbs werent on the court, why were JR, Camby and Melo on?
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