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Default Re: I got mad beef with...

Originally Posted by -primetime-
I see this too...

when I do see I usually think either:

A. this is an alias of one of the people I am argueing with and he is just trying to back himself up


B. they decide to post because "OMG!!!!, Maybe GOBB/TMOGE/ECT. will like me now and I am part of the cool crew!!!!"

and it is always very short posts like saying "I agree"...or "word"...or "DAMN YOU GOT OWNED!!!".....just ignore them

Exactly what i was thinking too. Especially with choice B.

Another thing i hate is when some unknown person makes a thread and there is ONE funny comment in it then they go "LOL OMG this thread is classic!!" and then every 5 posts they come back with the icon and say "classic stuff!!"
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