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Originally Posted by JohnnySic
If Rudy Gay slips to 7 (a possibility), should the C's draft him? He'd probably be the best player available, but would add to the logjam that already exists at the 2/3 spots. This is one of those things were its said that a "rebuilding" team should always draft the best player available rather than draft based on need, in order to maximize their talent addition.


I would draft Rudy if he was available at 7 and then trade Pierce, Wally and Raef to New York for Jalen Rose, Maurice Taylor, Channing Frye, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Jackie Butler and their two picks this year.

CT: Frye/ Perkins/ Butler
PF: Jefferson/ Lee (Taylor)
SF: Gay/ Gomes (Rose)
SG: Green/ Allen
PG: West/ Robinson
+2 1st rounders in 2006. (20 & 29)

CT: Curry/ James
PF: LaFrentz/ Rose
SF: Pierce/ Szczerbiak
SG: Francis/ Richardson
PG: Marbury/ Crawford

(shit thats packed at the wings and guard!!!)

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