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Default Re: Libertarian IDIOT gets himself arrested...

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Yeah he's smart getting raided and arrested while clowns like you feel sorry for his dumb ass.. He couldve gotten the same amount of attention by putting out a video of him driving a car with feet... what a genius..

he's real smart

wow, that makes him really smart

A secessionist who goes to Washington DC with a gun in direct violation of their open carry laws .....

He's actually dumber than I thought

the poster above is absolutely right I am giving this idiot too much credit

If he is a secessionist why not work on secession? Instead of provoking the government in the dumbest way possible

you're mad

you're just mad because your hero is a dumb ass who got himself locked up for no good reason...

He's gonna get some nut-ball (probably you) to go out do something dumb and get himself killed following behind this clown...

good luck to you and your idiot secessionist friend..

I'm not butt-hurt at all, I just hate no-life ph@ggotts acting like God's gift to planet earth over the internet. Just because I can't see you , doesn't mean I can't see how much self-loathing it would take for someone to attribute such mean-spirited things to a stranger.

You admonished another poster earlier saying "this topic is waay over your head" but it's pretty clear that you're out of your depth here. You've made absolutely no attempts to understand what or why Kokesh was doing instead you just burst out with your "omgzlolz" and your emoticons and saying in "direct violation of their open carry laws," you do understand THAT WAS THE POINT, that's why he wanted the big march, because you can't arrest 1million people.

You may think Kokesh is an idiot, but I bet he sleeps well at night knowing that he stands-up for what he feels is right. You are just a ph@ggot on the internet who mocks people in order to look "cool" in front of 15year olds.

Inb4 you reply "omg he got rested omgz lolz"
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