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Default Re: Libertarian IDIOT gets himself arrested...

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Yes you are butt hurt and you are his supporter because you rushed in defended him but you havent made any sense of his dumb ass actions

If I threaten to bring guns and a million people to the nation's capital, and then I show up there with a gun and load it on TV when I know I am breaking their gun laws?

It should be obvious to anyone that the government would not take any chances when they come to arrest me...

They'll bring their guns and their goons.. Do you know why?? Because I keep threatening the federal government with my guns and my goons..

get that through your head ... You do indeed live in a fantasy world if cannot see the relationship between what he did and how the government reacted..

They dont f*ck around when it comes to that sh*t.. and this guy is gonna learn the hard way

What people like you need to understand is that this country already is a police state... You and your hero Kokesh are late to the party..

If you want your freedom back from this government, you'll need to put your guns down and come up with a solution that involves the public as a whole.. You will need love.. Love for your country and love for the constitution... You wont win any of these battles with your measly guns... The government has tanks and planes and drones and missiles and weapons you could never hope to counter... They also have control of the media and they will simply kill all these fools and make them out to be the crazy people.. The public will buy into the propaganda and every one will move on.

You think the country at large would back a million man armed march? If a bloody battle broke out in the streets of DC and government calls in the military and kills these fools and locks down the city... who do you think the public would support?

let me give you a hint.. it wouldnt be Kokesh and his million men.

No, you wont win anything through violent confrontation with the government. They have that angle all sewn up.. All you have to do is watch what we do to other countries.. Watch what we do to david koresh, watch what we do to MOVE.. watch what we do at ruby ridge..

this is why I say this guy is a dumb ass idiot.. because he is provoking a problem that he cannot solve..

If Americans ever want to get their freedom back, they will need to learn to work together and sacrifice all the little luxuries they love in order to stand up to the establishment that has built this regime.

violence against the government will only get everyone killed..

Why do you continue to say i'm Kokesh's supporter when I keep telling you i'm not.

I "rushed to defend him" because you were acting like a jackass. And you still are.

For the MILLIONTH TIME: I do not think an armed march on Washington is a good idea.

Stop attacking straw-men you lack-wit.

I actually agree with the second half of this post (not the parts where you attack me and lump mme in with groups I do not support), but It's quite frustrating that you don't bother to read peoples posts when you respond to them.
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