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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I watched every single playoff game...the ONLY bad play I saw Lewis make was an interception that he should have caught...other than that he was playing at a high level imo

I don't think YOU watched the games...somehow you missed 50+ tackles, more than Willis and Bowman combined...

IMO Willis was more quiet this post season than Lewis was...

Dude, the 49ers basically threw at him at every turn. As did Denver. They went right passed him. They used his lack of speed to his disadvantage. He wasn't able to keep up, he's not fast enough anymore.

Tackles are a retarded stat, why do you keep bringing up tackles? I think ten people in this thread already explained to you how tackles work.

People who watch games don't quote stats only for their arguments, especially not stats we know aren't meaningful. He didn't force turnovers, he didn't get much pressure when he blitzed (he cannot even blitz much anymore), he wasn't cutting off running lanes, he wasn't covering well. Yes, he was piling on in tackles. WOW. If a guy gets by you and you run him down 20 yards away that's a tackle. If running backs get 5 yards and then you stop them with 4 other guys that's a tackle.

I can think of a few specific plays he made but that's it. In the Super Bowl he pretty much was silent because his covers were 10 yards beyond me at all times. He didn't play well. None of the Ravens main guys were that spectacular this offseason actually except Suggs in the Super Bowl until he got hurt who was creating pressure and ****ing up the running game.

Stop quoting numbers and mention situations he made important plays. There were very few.
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