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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by LJJ
The paparrazo missions are pissing me off. It doesn't let me finish them, because when you try to take a photo the game tries to connect to the server, and when it can't connect the mission fails.

So now I have to physically turn off the working internet at my house in order to play a game, because if my internet works but Rockstar's internet does not I can't play. That is the worst design.

Upgrade your internet playa. That doesn't happen to me.

How much money do you guys roughly have with each character? I feel like I have decent chunk change, then I see how much properties are worth, and I'm not near that amount...

I have about 100-200k with each character at the moment. Only like 33% through the game, I think. I'm at the second heist. I think it's a heist mission. White text for spoiler even tho I'm behind practically everyone in this thread >

Like $450,000 with Trevor
Like $225,000 with Franklin
Like $380,000 with Micheal

That heist you're at will hurt your feelings. The third heist in Trevor county pays but when you see the breakdown of payment? You'll cry.

Wish the properties generated money instead of you having to actually do them yourself.
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