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Originally Posted by clipse
What injuries are you constantly battling, and at what point do you decide to sit?

I knew I'd have a tough go, but played anyways. The question is, knowing you would not be able to play 100%, would you still play?
I think the majority of basketball players still play, even when they're not 100%. To be honest, I feel as though the first day of practice was often the only day I'd feel truly 100%. There's a ton of small injuries that are irritating but easily play-throughable. That said, what I've learned over the years, particularly since open runs and Rec leagues really don't matter in the scheme of things, is to sometimes give myself adequate time to heal from real injuries.

For instance, I'm a little more likely to allow a real-deal ankle sprain to have a significant amount of time to truly heal and re-strengthen. There's been way too many instances in my life where I'd wait a few days, feel a little better, then test it out, only to re-sprain the ankle and double my time out of the game. It's actually sort of a luxury, to be able to allow injuries to heal these days without having pressure to return to the court.
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