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Default Re: What's george bush thinking?

Originally Posted by schyza
I guess your hooked on phonics DVDís were lost in the mail and you donít know how to read my post.
I read it just fine, thanks.

You know the one were I responded to you point by point.
Please show me this "post" great one

Look we can agree to disagree you are obviously a hard core Liberal Democrat

I'm and hardcore Democrat? Oh god, the stereotypes of hilarious. Anyone that hates Bush's policies, I mean, must be a hardcore liberal. Hate to burst your bubble, but I voted 100% Libertarian on my last election, and have recently registered so. This is considered "conservative" by normal people. But Neo-cons? "He's another wacky liberal!"

and Iím an independent but more conservative I guess you could say.

No, you're an independent who has neo-con tendencies.

Like out of todayís candidates I like Guliani conservative on some things and pretty liberal on others like abortion and gay marriage. He seems to do what he thinks is the correct thing to do and doesnít care about what people think about him. He has also shown first hand that he can turn something ran bad and turn it into something run good. (NY if I really needed to elaborate) So like I said we have to I guess agree to disagree were probably worlds apart on our political views and would just be beating a dead horse.
I disagree, he seems to be moderate, but not "liberal" on any issues...

Oh!!! And by the way no I donít think Iím classy by not resorting to childish name calling. I know I am

You already did it, so this logic fails.

Got to be above calling people ignorant especially people you donít know. Doing so only shows your immaturity.

You have know idea what my level of knowledge or education is on any given subject. So in calling some on ignorant you show real weakness in your argument:)
Again calling people who disagree with Bush's Policies "conspiracy theorists" shows ignorance. That's fact; Smarten up.
Anyways this has been fun and donít think that because we disagree on politics that we canít agree on other things like basketball since this is ISH.

Have a nice one my man.

Thanks you too
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