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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Official Thread!

Originally Posted by magnax1
Damn. Ive got a raichu, gengar, arcanine, and hydreigon in the 70s and then a ton in the 50s that I switch out all the time. Steelix blastoise magnezone glaceon haxorus togekiss rioulu kabutops alakazahm. Probably forgot one or two. Just trying to think of them sitting on the toilet lol.
I have a couple in the 60s. and a few in the 50s. I mean I didn't lose a battle until post game stuff. This one really doesn't place an emphasis on leveling up with a variety of types. Hence why I could beat the game with Blaziken-Braixen-Greninja-Quilladin-the fire bird thing that I forgot it's name but it got replaced by Noctowl towards the end-and the last one was a random mixture of Sylveon, a couple different dragons, and Charizard.
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