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Default Re: The irony of loading up....

Our team composition makes no sense.

We have Kleiza on our roster who hasn't played in 2 months and at this point i'm guessing is pretty much just warming a spot on the bench due to our SF situation. We're paying him 4.6/yr to do nothing. I mean I guess we only have to worry about one more year, But think about it.

At the SF spot we have Kleiza and Fields, then we also have Pietrus, Anderson, and Gay. 5 players and nearly 30 mill tied into one position. And on any given night, only 2 of those guys typically get playing time. Rudy for sure, and then either Anderson or Fields for the reserve spot. Pietrus and Kleiza are bench warmers.

JL is our fulltime backup 1, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Our starter at Center is Aaron Gray, also unacceptable.

Terrance Ross is getting lost in the shuffle. He was averaging almost 20 minutes a game in January. After the Gay trade he's now playing his lowest amount of minutes in the season so far 13 in February and subsequently has become a complete non-factor.

So to summarize we have 5 capapble SF's, only 2 of which will ever play on a given night.

We have only 1 Center that should average over 20 minutes a game (Val) but for the most part he can barely crack the rotation and a Jason Collins-esque dude who is mainly good for a hard foul/screen should really be getting less than 10 mins a game is being given a starting spot and way more minutes than he should get.

No legit backup point.

Ross getting the shaft again because of all of the 2/3's we have.

An overpaid Derozan at the starting 2.

Bargnani still on the roster but not really fitting in anywhere.

This team has talent, yes, but still they're a mess. Only a could compose a team like this.
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