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Default Re: Wizards Jordan with INCREDIBLE speed

Originally Posted by Soundwave
Jordan is simply the ultimate combination of speed + size + jumping ability in one package as a basketball player.

He had the speed of a very fast 6'0 player, especially from a full stop to full go, but at 6'6 2-guard height combined with an unreal wingspan and ability to jump over/around anyone if need be.

I think he is a freak of nature completely, no one else in his family is over 5'8 so he is able to have the speed a small guy would have.

You look at his 5'8 brother Larry Jordan ... that's got to be a high 30s/40-inch range vertical leap as well ... Michael seems like he got the speed and jumping ability but got blessed with 6'6 height on top of that.

It's also why I think it's going to be a long time before you see 'another Jordan'.

Once you get over 6'3 or so you start losing speed as a player, but Jordan freakishly retained that while also getting the extra height and arm length. Cap it off with huge hands that can easily palm a basketball ...

This. and btw the East was very tough in the 80s
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