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Default Re: All these recording artist are in their primes ... Vol. 2

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
All these recording artist are in their primes ...

These bands/singers are doin one huge show together. Who open's the show, who's the headliner, ect.

-Stevie Wonder
-Otis Redding
-The Rolling Stones
-The Who
-David Bowie

Watch the Rolling Stones' rock n roll circus. The Who blew them away imo. Still the Stones would be the headliner.

should be a 2 day festival.
1st day: Otis, Stevie, Prince, Bowie
2nd day: The Who, Stones

Which Bowie is the prime Bowie btw? He changed a lot and everything he did was awesomely good. The early Bowie fits the 2nd show better, the Berlin years Bowie would be awesome as headliner for the 1st evening, same for the 80s Bowie. The old man 90s onwards Bowie doesn't fit at all.
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