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Default Just want to say something about the city of Charlotte

As a sports town, it absolutely sucks ass.

I went to Charlotte Tuesday for the Blink-182 show, and before I went, I walked around Concord Mills.

Even in the middle of football season, there wasn't as much Panthers merch as I thought there would be. Sure, every store had some shirts, but the Panthers were about as equally represented as the rest of the NFL, if not less (pretty sure there were more Steelers, Pats and Colts gear).

Guess how much Bobcats merch I found - 2 shirts. 2. Two. Dos. II.


And it was only in one store. Out of a Champs, Finish Line, Foot Locker, Nike, Reebok, and 3 locally owned shops - only two Bobcats shirts and they were both at Champs on the bottom of a rack buried under some Chicago Bears merch.

What the ****???

There was more Wake Forest gear than Bobcats. Wake ****ing Forest.

There was more ECU gear than Bobcats. REALLY???? My own school 5 hours away had more than a city's own professional sports team.

Charlotte, you suck at life. You don't deserve professional sports. But I am glad I have my Cats.
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