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Default Re: Do Celtics Fans Still Think Terry>>>Allen

Originally Posted by BlackWhiteGreen
Sharmer, all you seem to do is come on here and bash the Celtics. It's kind of weird really.

The main reason anyone thought Terry would be an upgrade was because he's an experienced 6th man, and Ray was bitching about playing it and hadn't adapted to it before he left. Of course, now he's fine with it...

Not really, I made up 30 posts today, on the Laker game thread, on why Lakers defense can't win a ring.

Regarding the Celtics, I feel Danny Ainge has made a lot of bad move trades and signing over the last few years. If they stay at 50%, their definitely making some moves before the trade deadline.

The Celtics offense under Doc, has been very stagnate over the last few years, just don't like the playbooks.

If they acquired Marcin Gortat ( Rumour) would be a big plus for the Celtics, however the Celtics don't have that much to give up, unless their going to put Bradley on the trading block.
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