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Originally Posted by nash4eva!gosuns
I agree with the above post. I'm in love with our suns, slowing down like they are. They have lots of good pieces and they have everything they need to win games...i think they just have to fit them together. They're learning to play this style still. If this season doesnt work out at all, then there will be time to re-build over the off-season.

I say go for the kill...Shaq and nash will have another year after this.
Amare is not Playing well....

I can see a trade that should benefit both teams...

Amare for Dirk Nowitzki....

Dirk and Nash are buddies...Dirk can play the perimeter giving shaq his space...Dirk is definately a better defender compared to Amare....he may not block shots but he stays on his man.

Reason Mark Cuban may do this is cause the Mavs need to get younger and frankly they suck more than the suns.

Grant Hill

with J-kidd expiring in dallas maybe he can join the suns next year and split time with Nash at the point...2 of the best old generation PG's on one team.

Shaq has been amazing...hes not a washout and is still productive for his age...he truely is a legend.

Nash...well hes still an assist machine...

Yest in the game...Amare let Antawn put up 13 points in the 1st quarter...yes the suns won but it could have been a blowout from the start....
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