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Default Re: Interesting Muslim Video -- Will Islam Take Over Europe?

Originally Posted by HighFlyer23
crusades? inquisition?
Can we please provide examples from the past 600 years only? Thanks.

Originally Posted by HighFlyer23
Also the cause of the near genocide of the Native Americans happened to be religion, or rather the rejection of the Catholic religion
I strongly disagree. The genocide was all about land.

A large amount of Muslims assimilate and I'm cool with that. However there is no denying that a decent percentage of Muslims who move to the west:

- fail to understand the concept of free speech
- shut themselves off from the local non-Muslim population
- continue some of the misogynistic practices present in many Islamic societies (arranged marriages, forcing girls to wear the hijab)
- fail to recognise separation of church and state

Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Scientologists come from all over the world and assimilate comfortably without giving up their religion. Here's hoping the next generation of Muslims do the same.
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