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Default My New Mock Draft Version 2.2

1. Chicago - Derrick Rose - 6’3, PG, Memphis

Point guards like Rose don’t come around too often so when someone of that caliber is there, you have to take him. They’ll have to work extra hard to move Hinrich or they’ll be left with an $11M a year back up player and when you select a point who is NBA ready with the #1 overall pick, you’ll have to start him.

2. Miami - OJ Mayo - 6’4, PG/SG, USC

In the end, Riley will listen to his star player and Wade will want OJ Mayo. Mayo has the ability to run the point, though not in the classic sense, but effectively. He’ll team with Wade to create the most dynamic backcourt in the league when it comes to scoring. OJ is an underrated passer, an excellent ball handler, and can create his own shot.

3. Minnesota - Michael Beasley - 6’8, SF/PF, Kansas State

McHale will be jumping for joy that Miami went with Mayo. Beasley fills a need for them in the front court to play alongside Jefferson.

4. Seattle - Jerryd Bayless - 6’3, PG, Arizona

Chad Ford has them taking Westbrook here and Bayless slipping all they way to 7. I just don’t see that happening. Bayless has the athleticism comprable to Derrick Rose with the offensive skills of an OJ Mayo and is quicker than both. JB could be the Chris Paul of this draft in terms of impact at the point guard position.

5. Memphis - Kevin Love - 6’8, PF, UCLA

Love is a tad scary as he can turn out to be another Brian Cardinal, but in Ivaroni’s system, Love will be solid. He’s a tough rebounder with excellent outlet passing skills.

6. New York - Russell Westbrook - 6’3, PG/SG, UCLA

This maybe the ideal place for Westbrook to goto. He’s not ready to be a full-time point guard in the NBA and could play second fiddle to Marbury for the season. Should excel in D’Antoni’s fast paced game and could come off the bench to be his Barbosa.

7. LA Clippers - DJ Augustin - 5’11, PG, Texas

The Clips will be looking for a point guard with the Livingston situation in limbo. Augustin is the last one on the board that is worthy of a lottery pick. He’s more NBA ready than Westbrook and Bayless.

8. Milwaukee - Joe Alexander - 6’8, SF, West Virginia

A tough player with athletisicm and a game that reminds me of Josh Smith. Isn’t afraid to stick his nose in and will do all the little things. A good rebounder and weak side shot blocker. Exactly what Skiles needs.

9. Charlotte - Brook Lopez - 7’0, C, Stanford

The Cats will be looking for a center to move Okafor to his more natural, power forward position. Lopez hasn’t exactly impressed teams during workouts, but he hasn’t disappointed either which is something DeAndre Jordan and JaVale McGee has done. Lopez won’t be a star, but he’ll be a nice center in the league.

10. New Jersey - Danilo Gallinari - 6’9, SF, Italy

The Nets are rumored to have a promise in place to draft Danilo if he falls and he will. DG is an intriguing prospect, but one that borders on a Bostjan Nachbar like player. The Nets will be shopping Jefferson this Summer in hopes of bringing in a big man to help this team. RJ and Sean Williams to the Clippers for Brand? Hmmm..

11. Indiana - Eric Gordon - 6’3, PG/SG, Indiana

Gordon will have to make a transition to the point guard position in the NBA sooner rather than later, if he is to have a successful career. History shows that the chances of a combo guard having a star impact in the league, are extremely slim. As a point guard, Gordon can be a nightmare for opposing teams and could a Baron Davis or Stephon Marbury type player.

12. Sacramento - Anthony Randolph - 6’10, SF, LSU

For the Kings, Randolph will be the best available player. Artest will be in his last year of his contract and Randolph can come off the bench his first season.

13. Portland - Brandan Rush - 6’6, SG/SF, Kansas

Rush’s stock has risen dramatically as he had a great workout. Phoenix is rumored to be hot for Rush at 15. Rush will be what they thought they’d be getting when they drafted Webster with a lottery pick. Rush is a good defender, rebounder, and shooter. Reminds me of a young Ray Allen.

14. Golden State - Marreese Speights - 6’10, PF/C, Floriday

I don’t know if the Warriors can pass on Speights even though he’s projected to go much lower, but remember what Mullin did with Diogu who was projected going in the 20s. Speights would be perfect for Nellie since he can play both the PF and center positions. A good rebounder and shot blocker. He’s active and has some nice post moves. They passed on Milsap in the second round two years ago and they won’t let Speights fall any lower.

15. Phoenix - Courtney Lee - 6’5, SG, Western Kentucky

16. Philadelphia - Darrell Arthur - 6’9, PF, Kansas

17. Toronto - Donte Green - 6’10, SF, Syracuse

18. Washington - Roy Hibbert - 7’2, C, Georgetown

19. Cleveland - Mario Chalmers - 6’3, PG, Kansas

20. Denver - Chris Douglas Roberts - 6’7, SG/SF, Memphis

21. New Jersey - JaVale McGee - 7’0, C, Nevada

22. Orlando - Robin Lopez - 7’0, C, Stanford

23. Utah - Kosta Koufos - 7’0, PF/C, Ohio State

24. Seattle - Alexis Ajinca - 7’0, PF/C, France

25. Houston - JJ Hickson - 6’9, PF, NC State

26. San Antonio - Nicolas Batum - 6’8, SG/SF, France

27.  New Orleans - Gary Forbes - 6’5, SG, UMass

28. Memphis - DeAndre Jordan - 7’0, C, Texas A&M

29. Detroit - Bill Walker - 6’6, SG/SF, Kansas State

30. Boston - Jason Thompson - 6’10, PF, Rider
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