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ok, let me chime in here...

firstly, i am a Laker fan first, over any single player. so, when all the turmoil was going on over the summer, etc., i think there was a segment of us that just wanted the drama to end and wanted the situation to end itself one way or another so that the Lakers could start focusing on their season.

i would say that i did argee with kobe at the beginning, when he complained, but ultimately, i ended up siding with Laker management with the exception of Dr. Buss's comments in Hawaii which were completely uncalled for. i changed my initial thoughts based on what i read here as well as what i read in the paper, news, on tv, etc.

anyway, yeah, i like having kobe as a Laker, but if he were not a Laker, i would still be rooting for my team.

i think the most important element is whether or not kobe is happy he was not traded. and we will likely never know since he has yet to back off his original request.

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