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Default Re: Without Kobe Bryant in the lineup, the Lakers would be ________.

I just love the way Kobe plays. You never question what Kobe is playing for and that is to win!!. I dont like the feeling of players playing for stats. bryant doesn't care about his assists totals, his point totals, his rebound totals, he just cares about winning. He's still the most skilled scorer in the league and after 14 years in the league he still has some of the worst shot selection you'll see but hsi ability to make those bad shots is something special and a sight to behold ezpecially when the big bucket in needed. For every game he shoots the Lakers out of he shoots them right back in. He's a great passer that never has gotten much credit for his superior court vision simply becasue he doesnt average the high number of assists but kobe bryant is the best passer out his jump of any wing player in the league and also throws the best lobs and leads and leads. He doesn't play defense that much in the regular season anymore but he has some of the best defense technique you;ll see.

Lakers without Kobe are not as good as they are now. They probably make the playoffs but leave in the first Round Pau Gasol cannot carry a team to a championship as a primary option
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