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Default Re: I need some lady advice!

Originally Posted by Breezy
Okay here's the deal I've been single forever but all of the sudden 3 ladies are looking my way and I'm stuck. Tell me what to do.

Lady 1 - The chick who cuts my hair. Got a haircut today and she was flirting with me so I flirted back and then she gives me her number. I give this girl a 7 out of 10. perfect chest and beatiful face but she could lose about 20 pounds. I text her later and the first thing she says "Just so you know I gave you my number but I'm no slut" and then follows it up by telling me how naughty she is and how she'll take advantage of me... yeah, not a slut huh?

Lady 2 - This sweet girl who's seems like marriage material that my friends been trying to hook m e up with. Blonde, sweet, husband cheated on her a year ago and now she's slowly getting back in the game. I know she likes me but I'd have to be slow... REALLY SLOW with her. She's cute all the way around but she's a little chatty sometimes. I think it's just becuase she's nervous.

Lady 3 - My ex Girlfriend. calling and texting me again. Trying to start hanging out. and see where things go. You guys ever have that girl that consumes your mind 24/7. That one you're psychotically crazy about that after she breaks up with you it's like your whole life seems to lose taste and color and you get that war time thousand yard stare and even after a year you still have dreams about her? Well thats this girl. Add to that the fact that her kids love me and I fell in love with them.

So tl;dr version

1- Hot and wants to **** now but is more than likely a little nuts and is already thinking relationship.
2- Sweet and pretty but have to take it slow and is just getting off a divorce
3- My ex who made my world spin and I still love even though she broke me.

Ill be glad to field any additional questions.

she's hot and a 7/10 but she can lose 20 lbs? i dunno...

they all seem to have some sort of baggage so just off the info given, Id just have fun with it. Got any pics? How old are you btw?
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