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Default Re: Thank You Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
Every trade we made to sign Kidd and Camby is a trade we could have made to sign somebody worth a damn. Knickscity...bottom line is...I was right and you were wrong lol. It's ok to admit it man lol. Remember, I was woefully wrong about Joe Alexander. Shoot, if you want to throw the Al Thornton thing in my face... you can. But not until you admit... Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby are DONE! They were bad signings. You don't give those 2 players that much money with that many years at this point in their careers.

Say what you will, but Glen Grunwald didn't do a diligent job. He took the easy way out. He signed a bunch of guys that nobody wanted or cared about and all they did was prove why lol
camby was the best rebopunder per minute in the nba the year prior, nobody knew dude wasn't gonna play the next no i dont fault grunwald for that, especially when scrubs were used to make the contract work.

Kidd wasn't this bad the year before, cuban was pissed kidd left, but yes he is done, but he was brought in to "mentor" which no one had an issue to.

and he was signed with an exception we get every single year.

we have that same exception this year as well.
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