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@ you guys...welcome to 2006!!!
Plasma pixels DON'T burn anymore, they DON'T lose color over a year (every store gives you a 5-10 year warrant, LCD gives you TWO)...if you watch Plasma for a long time, the picture might loose focus (very raerly)...same thing goes if when you buy a plasma, and you have to bring it to your house...and it rains outside, don't plug it in for about an hour...simple concept that everyone should know.

Now for the big finale, Plasma will last you 25-27 years....nearly 2 times that of LCD...Plasma got nicer picture AND it looks the same if you watch it from an angle....LCD screen does not.

Plasma beats LCD, hence it's a more expensive television...and the problems most of you named regarding Plasma has long been fixed.
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