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Default Re: Nuggets trade Allen Iverson to Pistons for Chauncey Billups, McDyess

this trade is where we find out what iverson's legacy will be... he's been put in such a great situation, i know i'll be judging his legacy based on what happens in detroit. he's finally in a situation where he has a great shot to win and win BIG. i for one think a finals appearance isn't out of the question. lakers vs. pistons pt. 2 would be a great series. he's got a ton of shooters around him so he'll get plenty iso's, and if he can be as efficient as he was last night [28 points on 12 shots from the field] this pistons team can be very dangerous.

as for chauncey, i think this is where everyone will realize how good of a point guard he really is. he was the catalyst for the pistons the past few years... he was their best player. now he'll lead the nuggets deep into the playoffs, i wouldn't be surprised if he took them to the WCF.
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